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#1 -『ムー』

In the 80s, a Magazine which can be only called as "Mu" in English was popular in Japan -- particularly amongst otaku youth. Looking at the "recruitment" section for correspondents in the occult magazine "Mu", it reads, "Warriors, shrine maidens, angels, fairies, Venusians, dragon people, please write to us... Former Atlantis warriors, those who remember the battle of the Stone Tower, those who are the final warriors, those who know the name of Elia, Jay, Mina, Lyja, Carla, etc." Many letters were posted. I will be summarizing the events that occured because of this!

1976: First issue of "Mu" is published.

Since the first issue, there has been a 14-year-old girl who says, "I want to correspond with someone who thinks I am an alien from another planet," but there has been no contribution from a girl from a previous life with recollection of this.

1980: There is no preternatural girl yet.

There is a 15-year-old girl who says, "I'm actually an alien..." and "Do you have any alien friends? (March issue), but we don't know how serious she is about it.

1981: There is no preternatural girl yet.

At this time of the year, the number of aspiring espers is somewhat conspicuous, such as a 14-year-old girl who says, "I like Locke the Superman, and I'm trying my best to become an esper like Locke" (May issue).

1982: There is no preternatural girl yet.

There have been a few more submissions about reincarnation, such as an 18-year-old (April issue) who wanted to correspond with "a girl who is interested in reincarnation, psychic powers, and science fiction," and a 16-year-old (October issue) who said, "Please write to me, who is unusually interested in reincarnation and is too smart.

※It has nothing to do with the preternatural girl, but in 1982, there was an elementary school girl who solicited correspondence by writing in hiragana, "I am a fourth grader and I have an interest in mysteries. I'm a fourth grader, but I've got a thing for mysteries." (November issue) Some elementary school girls solicited for a correspondence partner, which made me a little worried!

1983: Around this time, there was an increase in the number of apocalyptic-oriented submissions, such as a call for members for a "circle for the salvation of mankind" (May issue -- probably due to the influence of the recent release of "Harmagedon: Genma Taisen" released in March).

In the September issue, a junior high school girl wrote, "If you think you are a 'warrior of light' or a 'savior' involved with the universe, please contact me. The October issue featured a junior high school girl who said, "I have memories of my past lives and have experienced supernatural phenomena. In the November issue, a junior high school girl says, "Please write to me if you know your past life, if you are an esper, if you often have dreams about the super-ancient, or if you think you were born secretly with a mission... The preternatural girl has appeared, finally!!

1984: "I often have strange dreams. I feel like I have a mission..." said a high school sophomore (March issue). An 18-year-old girl (July issue) submitted an illustration saying, "I'm waiting for someone who recognizes this scenery."

A 23-year-old man (December issue) said, "I'm looking for someone who has a past-life memory from when he was in the ancient Greek Mediterranean, and whose soul or guardian deity is one of the gods from Greek mythology. My guardian deity is Apollo, and I'm looking for someone in the same family."

1985: In the March issue, a 17-year-old woman waits to hear from "anyone who thinks they may have been a member of the Heike clan in a previous life...and anyone who knows a young Genji warrior named Aoi."

An 18-year-old girl who says, "I can astral travel, astral split, go back in time, slow down, and do time leaps...I'm a demon spirit with once-in-a-century angelic wings," hopes to correspond with "a person from Maya (a child with a white soul)" (March issue).

※Until then, it was a minority of people whose previous lives were on other planets or in other dimensions, such as a third-year high school student who said, "Please contact me if you remember living in the Yayoi or Asuka periods," and a 17-year-old (May issue) who said, "I would like to ask you if you have a previous life in the Yoshikawa family, the second son of Motonari Mori.

In the June issue, an 18-year-old girl appeared who said, "In my previous life I was a warrior (I don't know her name)." In the July issue, there is a 15-year-old girl who is looking for "anyone who thinks they are a member of the Myaria clan, or anyone who knows the name Sodira, Seka, Suir, Mya, Seya, Zin, Mara, Liya, Turfan, or Orkim, or whose soul name is one of these". After this, there appeared to be more inquirers with searching for cool names.

In the September issue, a seventeen year old girl looking for "one who thinks she knows me, Radinals, by the name of Lyrus or Dia-Carlaru."

In the October issue, a 20-year-old woman searching for "someone with a previous life named Seagull or Argerion.

This is pretty similar to a more modern concept of "canon-calling."

※It has nothing to do with the girl in the past life, but when a 17-year-old girl met a psychic girl in the correspondence section of "Mu", the real person was actually a middle-aged man pretending to be a psychic girl, and he told her, "Please come and visit me at my house. Please come and stay at my house" (October issue).

1986: A 17-year-old (January issue) asks for a letter from anyone who knows the name of the ancient Yamato clan, Zeru or Sera.

A 3rd grader looking for "anyone who knows the names Sashe or Esther" (February). I think I lived in West Germany in a previous life, and I think I met Beethoven."

"My friends say I'm an angel of light," said a girl in the second grade (February issue).

"My friends say I'm an angel of light," said a girl in the second grade (February issue). My friends say I'm an angel of light," said a girl in the second grade (February issue).A first-year high school student searching for "a person whose previous life was an ancient Egyptian king" (April issue).

An 18-year-old girl (April issue) says, "If you think you were Musashi Miyamoto in a previous life, or if you know a woman named Ootsu, please write to me."

A second-year high school boy (April issue) is looking for someone who may have been with Vishnu, Shiva, Indra, Michael the Archangel, Apollo, etc. in a previous life.

An 18-year-old girl (July) who said, "I'm one of those warriors who was told my fate when I was three years old, and I've been steadily developing my psychic abilities, so if you're also a warrior or a pretty strong esper, why don't we prepare for the final war together?" (July issue).


A 14-year-old girl (September) says, "All you psychics, psychics, demon princesses, fighting dragons, and warriors with a past! Please contact me, the singing priestess."

Please write to me if you think you were a ninja in a previous life," said a 16-year-old girl in the September issue.

A 16-year-old girl wrote, "If you know someone named Yamato, if you have met the King of Heavenly Wheel, Prince Ken, or the Seven Archangels, or if you are a celestial being coming to Tokyo, please write to me immediately."

A third-year high school student (November issue) wrote, "If you can breathe in water, or if you think you were an aquatic person in a previous life, please write to me."

"I'm looking for a man named Zero. I'm Sakikaze," said a girl in the second grade (December issue).

"If you are a warrior, an Esper, and know "The Seven Warriors," or know a boy in Osaka in the third year of junior high school named Kuniyasu or Takashi, please send me a letter with a 60 yen stamp", enclosed, in the December issue, a third-year junior high school girl wrote, "I am also told that I have a mission."

FUN FACT TIME!! At the end of 1986, the manga series "Please Save My Earth" started to be published in Hana to Yume. A basic rundown is that the protagonists, who dreamed of their "previous life", posted in a magazine called "Boo"... "Please contact me if you have any idea about Hiiragi, Akiumi, Shien, Saiko Ran. This is Tamran, Magnolia, and Maki." Hiiragi and Ran Saiko, who saw it, contacted them. The scene was recorded in Volume 2, published in October 1987! Now.. I'm not saying this is correlating with the CRAZY amounts of people doing similar things in Mu.. but! The original post of the "previous life girl" is sometimes said to be inspired by "Please save my earth". However, in the post section of "Mu", a post about "reincarnation" appeared from around 1982, and in 1983, a girl who said "the memory of the previous life was restored" appeared. More than a year before the serialization of "Please Save My Earth" began, there was a post searching for "People who have an idea of the names of Sodila, Seka, Sir, Miya, Saya, Jin, Mara, Riya, Torfan, and Orkim." So, let's make a clarification, "Please Save My Earth" is not the origin of this trend in Mu but perhaps it did factor into the increasing occurence of these kind of postings.

1987: A 21-year-old housewife (January issue) says, "I've had an important mission -- since the beginning of human history."

A 14-year-old girl (February issue) writes, "If you remember the names Ken, Kazuma, Chiyu, and Mami, or if you know anything about them, please let me know."

A 17-year-old high school girl (February issue) said, "I'm looking for people of the Dragon Tribe who have awakened (I'm a Naga myself, by the way)."

"Those who believe that they are the reincarnation of super-ancient human beings and those who are familiar with the names Anna, Anaku, and Akuna (all three names are the same person) sound familiar to you! Please write to me," said a girl in her third year of high school (April issue).

"If you recognize the names Kirikaze, Ryokaze, Tokikaze, or Shirou, or if you feel I'm one of you, please help me! I'm all alone," said a junior high school girl (June issue).


Someone says, "If you feel anything for the names Ralifur, LeFana, Furry, Elnard, Marie-Bette, Earthleena, Sho (blonde, blue-eyed), Cedric, Koichi Takami, warriors, aliens, or people from other dimensions, please write to me" (July issue).

"I'm looking for three men whose past life names are Kamiumu, Zaytsuki, and Hoshine. Please wake up soon and contact me!" (July issue).

The 15-year-old girl who was looking for the Myaria clan in the July '85 issue reappears at age 17, looking for the same people she was looking for two years ago (whether "Myaria clan" or "Myaria tribe" is correct is unclear to me, sorry!).


"If you are a warrior, a priestess, an angel, a fairy, a Venusian, or a member of the dragon race, please write to me. I'm a warrior and a priestess," said a 23-year-old woman in the September issue.

"I'm looking for my eternal partner named Yuki. My name is Yamato , and I am of northern blood," said a 19-year-old woman in the September issue.

At that time, there were many postings about "warriors" in addition to girls from previous lives, such as... "When I was five years old, God commanded me to live as a warrior and gave me strength. If you can hear my cries, please write to me," said a third-year girl (April issue), and there was also a woman who asked for a "warrior" to teach her how to give out psychic powers (October issue).

In the post section of the December issue, "A word to those who say they are warriors. Are you really a warrior? I don't think so," said a 14-year-old. "The reason why I think so, however, is because I don't think a true warrior would come forward here. Warriors will gather when the time (true battle) comes," they said.

1988:"You've heard of 'Blue Dragon' and 'Al Tys'! And the Dragon People!" (January issue).

"I'm a warrior, and I know a princess. I'm a Pisces in Venus and in Sun who loves the dragon gods and nature," said a third-year high school student in the February issue.

"I have a revelation about time, so ESP warriors, please contact me. Please write your name and date of birth as a warrior, and enclose a 60 yen stamp." (February issue).

A 13-year-old girl (February) wrote: "Please write to me if you are a holy moon, star, green, or shadow warrior chosen by the planet Edel."

A 13-year-old girl (February) wrote: "If you are a warrior or priestess who worships the sun as a god, or if you know the name Lommy, please write to me!" (April issue).

A second-year high school student (April) is looking for "a warrior from Atlantis in a previous life, someone who remembers the battle of the Stone Tower, someone who is the 'final warrior', someone who knows the names Elia, Jay, Maina, Raija, and Carla."

"I am looking for a young man (boy) named Ermion. Please write to me if you were related to me in a previous life or if you know the Rosary," said a 15-year-old (May issue). In the May issue, the submissions section also carried the opinion of a 17-year-old who criticized those who say they are warriors for suffering from "warrior syndrome." WWWWWW.

In response to this, there were opinions such as, "A being who protects the green earth and holds the lasting peace and glory of humanity in his heart - that is a 'warrior'" (July issue), and "Such a feeling is a heart that every human being should have, and it is not just for those who call themselves 'warriors'" (November issue). However, starting with the June issue of 1987, Mu has a policy of not publishing articles about finding friends from previous lives. Sad... FOR EXAMPLE: "Please write to me whose previous life was a (BLANK). (Sorry, that's a lie. I was just lonely. ......)" was OK, but "If you know the name of XX, I am XX" was not. So, in a sense, it was still allowed but some hurdles had to be jumped to find people.

1989: After that, other occult magazines such as "TZ" (ceased publication in 1989) and "Maya" (ceased publication in 1992) continued to publish adverts for past-life friends.

For example: "If you know of any of the following: Gafu, Hakuri, Youshi, Senji, Aran, Ryoga, Junio, Ryuka, Mizuki, Sairiku, Houhi. Or, if you are a comrade of the Arc Celia Imperial Rebellion or a jester, please contact us. This is Myogashi, Seine, Senshia, Kaorei, Suiya, etc." (TZ, March '89)

For Example: "Please contact me if you feel something about the word 'Pleiades' or if you are a swordwielder. I am the wielder of the Sword of Light and my previous life name is Laios. My friends are also swordwielders and have regained the Sword of Flame and the Sword of Heaven." (TZ, October 1989)

During the summer vacation of 1989, a group of girls who claimed to be the reincarnation of "Elina" and "Mirshah" committed suicide in order to see their previous lives. They said, "We were all beautiful princesses in our previous lives. To see the happy, previous life -- you should die once." The three girls watched "Kiki's Delivery Service" at the movie theater. After that, I went to the beach, one took 8 tablets of Bufferin, the other took 1 tablet of Bufferin, and nd the last one, without taking anything, called 119 to report that a girl had collapsed. When the paramedics rushed to the scene, all three had collapsed. The officer at the police station said, "It looks like they were really trying to die. But it wasn't the kind of death we think of. They believed that even if they died, they would be able to come back to this world again" (Shukan Shincho, August 31, 1989, p. 25). Perhaps because of this incident, in the eighth volume of "Boku no Chikyu wo Mamete (Protecting My Earth)," published in December 1989, the author, Mr. Nitto, cautioned people to distinguish between fiction and reality.

※ADDITIONALLY: In the book いまどきの神サマ, published in 1990, the writer Satoshi Niiyama wrote, "I tried sending letters to every address in the correspondence column. I also looked up phone numbers from the addresses in the correspondence section and made phone calls almost spontaneously. I actually met Sadia, the warrior... I also asked her about her experience on the issue of whether it is possible to find friends by recruiting them through the concerned correspondence column."

According to a woman who had written to an occult magazine, "Seeking contact with warriors, priestesses, angels, dragon people, fairies, and Venusians... Most of the people who contacted me after reading my letter were different," she said. "They would say things like, "I'm Gabriel, the second-in-command angel, and I'm a demon king." or "I'm a werewolf. I'm a werewolf!" "Some people insist that their previous life is more correct until the very end, and these are called "girls who became", who must really want to be something other than themselve, truly.